Recognizing the emotional needs of students at our schools has become a vital topic in educational circles, creating research on the effects of isolation, stress, peer pressure, frustration, and in some cases, neglect and humiliation. These problems can be far-ranging, creating adults who are ill-equipped to successfully navigate the world our schools are preparing them for. Below you will find several educational psychology reports on the importance of acknowledging these issues and creating a better “safe space” for students.

“A Multi-Method Exploratory Study of Stress, Coping, and Substance Use Among High School Youth in Private Schools”
Frontiers in Psychology

“Emotional Support and Student Learning”
National Association of Elementary School Principals

“Emotional Intelligence and Student Retention: Predicting the Successful Transition from High School to University”

“Classroom Emotional Climate, Student Engagement, and Academic Achievement”
Journal of Educational Psychology

“Emotional Scaffolding: An Exploration of the Teacher Knowledge at the Intersection of Student Emotion and the Subject Matter”
Journal of Teacher Education