Open Frames Project

The Open Frames Project
Charles Holt

Creating Leaders Through the Integration of Social Emotional Learning and Performance Art




Emotional Literacy and Performance Art
Monday, June 19 – 9 am

This session will focus on understanding students through archetypes and discovering motivation and behavior patterns, becoming aware of cycles and cores of issues and how they reveal problematic/non-problematic behavior outcomes.

Emotional Literacy and Music
Monday, June 19 – 10:30 am

Realizing/understanding the landscape of music and its ability to inform social emotional learning and literacy while being aware of global vibrations that are spoken through music (ie, Height/Ashbury, 1970s LOVE song explosion, hip-hop, blues, etc.). Attendees will be exploring social and emotional learning from music’s impact.

Emotional Literacy and Acting/Spoken Expression
Monday, June 19 – 1 pm

Join us in discussing the essence of communication, relationships, and behavior and the unfolding patterns of behavior and their trajectory. We’ll be exploring the relationship between spoken expression and how it informs language, conversation, and literacy.

Emotional Literacy and Dance/The Moving Word
Monday, June 19 – 2:30 pm

Peeking into the culture of dance and how this may be informed by emotional and social value. How is dance interpreted and by whom is it consumed and used? This session will try to understanding the value while discussing the purpose of dance and movement.

Emotional Literacy in a Traditional Environment
Tuesday, June 20 – 9 am

One of the largest challenges for student projection is the seeming limit in either/or binary relationships. We’ll explore the relevancy of reasoning and the option of traditional/binary and alternative thinking and process, including a strong focus on the affects they have on social-emotional learning and literacy.

Creating a Collective Lesson Plan that Benefits All
Tuesday, June 20 – 10:30 am

This session will focus on creating plans and curriculum that is inclusive, sensitive, and enhancing to the entire class, including traditional systems, cutting edge, and advanced systems.