Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness in the Classroom



June 19 – 10:30 am
Mindfulness & Education

Discuss the efficacy and accessibility of the hot term “mindfulness”. From a disposition and attention-behavior technique, to training derived from ancient eastern and western cultural practices, mindfulness encompasses a new lens through which to look at our own instruction. In this session, Greg Graber presents information and practices that impact the modern classroom.

June 19 – 1:30 pm
The Science of Mindfulness

Learn about trends and research on Mindfulness in the classroom. From full-inclusive curricula to brief activities, mindfulness has hit mainstream and research on its efficacy is following.  In this session, Tegan Reeves and Greg Graber present implications and applications of the latest research on mindfulness in the classroom.

June 19 – 3 pm
Mindfulness for the Educator

Find space and connection by tapping into the nervous system’s innate control center.  This experiential session is an evidence-based practice designed for educators and teachers.  Based on recent breath-work science, somatic training and closed-focused mindfulness techniques, this session includes two, active twenty-minute practices and take home instructions.

June 20 – 10:30 am
Mindfulness for Self-care

Come to this session prepared to observe your own habits and goals; leave it with tools to honor them. This experiential session is a personal exploration of ways to incorporate self-care into your busy schedule. Based on compassion research, open-focused mindfulness techniques, and witness-consciousness training, this session includes two stillness practices and take home instructions.

June 20 – 1:30 pm
Classroom Management that Works

Learn and practice teaching techniques that help transform the flow of class and the attention of students.  This practical teaching-experience session connects mindfulness techniques to schedule reinforcement and time management through the school day.

June 20 – 3 pm
Teaching Bite-Sized Mindfulness

Learn and practice cues and self-scans that help lead short mindfulness practices in the classroom. During this practical teaching experience session, we will cover three core mindfulness techniques that take less than 3 minutes to deliver.