Leaders & Learners

Introducing a “Whole Teen” Framework: Weaving SEL into Everyday Classroom Practices
Monday, June 19 – 9 am

Help your middle and high school teachers of any subject area embrace SEL. We’ll explore research on brain development and resilience theory, and offer ways to translate that research into classroom and schoolwide practices that support both academic success and adolescent development.

Collaborative Learning Requires SEL Skills…and Offers Opportunities to Teach Them
Monday, June 19 – 10:30 am

Collaborating calls for planning and problem solving, assertion and self-restraint, communication and perspective taking, and many other SEL skills. Via lab groups, service learning teams, or any project team, we can help students can build collaboration skills.

The Advisory Clinic
Monday, June 19 – 1 pm

Does your advisory program need revamping, reviewing, refreshing? We’ll explore participants’ current situations, and share ideas for compelling themes, routines, professional development, and change processes for improved implementation.