Since 1993 Brewster has attracted thousands of visitors from around the world who have come to learn about its educational model. The Academy was an early one-to-one laptop program — the first of its kind in the country — that drew curious educators. Today that innovation and best practice approach focuses on team based organization, collaborative classrooms, differentiated learning and the continued use of thoughtful technology.

In 2011, Brewster became the first boarding school in the country to implement an emotional literacy curriculum in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence . This skills-based program is designed to teach students how to use and reason with emotion to develop the competency, skills and knowledge related to character development, social awareness and life skills. Today that curriculum is integrated across grades to meet the different stages of cognitive growth within high school-aged students. Faculty engage in continuous professional development to ensure they are proficient in curriculum delivery.

Located on New Hampshire’s largest lake along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, the Brewster campus expands to the one-half mile shoreline where the Academy’s busy Pinckney Boathouse awaits visitors. The town of Wolfeboro is considered the oldest summer resort in America and provides a quaint and robust metropolis that abuts Brewster’s campus. Whether on campus for a meeting or workshop or a wedding or reunion celebration, it is the perfect spot to recharge and watch the sunset behind the White Mountains or sip morning coffee and listen to the loons welcome the day.

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Academics at Brewster Academy from Brewster Academy on Vimeo.