Motivis Learning

Motivis Learning

Make Personalized Learning Great Again

In these course sessions, we will leave politics behind and focus on defining and delivering personalized learning for social and emotional wellness and student success. Join us for one of the personalized learning strandsfor targeted information and practice or for all of the sessions for an exceptional and complete dive into deeper learning. Six sessions over two days.

June 19 – 10:30 am
Creating a Culture of Personalization: The Heart of Personalized Learning is Student-Centric

When learning is truly personalized, the student is in the center. Recognizing that students will engage with learning in their own way, how can educators enable the scalability of personalized learning to truly meet each student where they are on their learning journey.

June 19 – 1 pm
Personalized Learning From Theory to Practice: Authenticity and Durability for Student Success

Learning needs to be meaningful and authentic — personalized learning prepares students for college and career by tapping into intrinsic motivation and passion.

June 19 – 2:30 pm
Finding the Space for Personalized Learning:  Anywhere, Anytime, Any Pace

Students engage with learning in many different ways and quite literally anywhere they go. Learn how to strategically design learning experiences that go beyond the walls and the clock.

June 20 – 10:30 am
Emotionally Intelligent Personalized Learning: Mindfulness & Metacognition in PLP Design

Personalized learning success can be found at the dynamic intersection of mindfulness and metacognition. By thinking about the way we learn and the importance of building a mindful practice into everyday learning experiences, we enable deeper learning.

June 20 – 1 pm
Roadmap to Personalized Learning: Student Agency Drives Success

Want to know how to create an environment that fosters personalization and student success? Ask your students. Most schools believe they are “student-centered” but is that enough? Incorporating full student agency enables personalized learning.

June 20 – 2:30 pm
Hacking Personalized Learning: Unconference/Ed Camp

In this personalized learning ed camp, we chart our courses and plan your attack and next steps. Ask questions, collaborate, make magic happen.

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