LLI New England is proud to include some of the region’s top experts in SEL and personalized learning to help guide schools and educators into their own personalized path toward social and emotional learning.

Your Self Series – Your SEL Toolbox: Theory, Practice and Skills for Success

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs provide a foundation for the core competencies that humans need to feel successful at every level of human interaction. However, to teach SEL requires skills of your own. These experiential workshops introduce you to the need for, and benefits of, SEL, and will prepare you for implementation success. You will learn the key components of a strong SEL foundation and be able to apply those to your teaching strategies.

Motivis Learning – The Art of Personalized Learning

Make Personalized Learning Great Again – In these course sessions, we will leave politics behind and focus on defining and delivering personalized learning for social and emotional wellness and student success. Join us for one of the personalized learning strandsfor targeted information and practice or for all of the sessions for an exceptional and complete dive into deeper learning.

Aum Factor & Lausanne Collegiate – Mindfulness in the Classroom

Tegan Reeves, director of Aum Factor, and Greg Graber, director of Mindful Memphis and Head of Middle School at Lausanne Collegiate School, will help educators understand how to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom to help students achieve better self-awareness and better performance. Sessions will provide a demystification of mindful patterns, providing authentic skills for creating healthier classrooms.



High 5 Adventure Learning Center

From building a learning community with adventure education theory to building emotional literacy, the series of sessions from High 5 Adventure will help educators uncover and understand their students. Sessions include focus on clear communication, understanding trust and trustworthiness, and how to reflect, process and transfer experience into important learning. Six sessions over two days and a special Playnote during the evening reception on Sunday, June 18th.


 The Open Frames Project – Creating Leaders Through Integration of SEL and Performance Art

Integrating social and emotional learning through  deep exploration of expression through performing arts, Charles Holt brings years of experience in such Broadway productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar and The Lion King and his passion for coaching students. This course will help all teachers understand that many mediums can inform and develop student’s in their development of social emotional learning skills.


The Cambridge Network – Fostering Emotional Well-Being in International Students

Cambridge Network provides a three-part course that focuses on the social and emotional intelligence and well-being of international students coming to America for educational opportunities. By improving students’ understanding of the American education system and culture, this course will help schools who are hosting international students from all around the globe.